Tips for Finding a Tennessee Workers Compensation Lawyer

When looking for a lawyer it is important to not just go with whatever firm has the nicest commercial or biggest billboard.  You need to find a lawyer that fits your case and your needs.  I suggest that the following questions be asked:

  1. Find out how much experience the lawyer has with Tennessee Workers Compensation Cases. How many cases have they handled?  How many cases have they taken to trial?  Have they argued cases in the Court of Appeals?
  2. How much will the lawyer charge?  Also, will the firm advance all expenses including filing fees, expert fees and court reporter expenses?
  3. Does the firm represent employers/insurance companies or employees?

Finally, it is important to feel comfortable with the lawyer you choose.  Meet with them and make sure they listen to your concerns.  Also, do not pick a lawyer that is telling you want to hear.  You need a lawyer that tells you the truth about you case and the Tennessee workers compensation system, both the good and the bad.  These cases can be expensive, tricky and tough and you need to be prepared.

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