Temporary Total Disability and Workers Comp

Temporary total disability, or TTD, is one of the types of disabilities covered by workers compensation insurance. A worker with temporary total disability is temporarily unable to perform any job functions, rendering them completely unable to work until their condition improves.

Compensation Amounts

In addition to receiving compensation for any necessary medical treatments, a worker with a TTD injury will also receive compensation for lost wages as a result of the temporarily disabling injury. Specific workers compensation laws often vary by state, though generally the compensation rate amounts to about two-thirds of the employee's average weekly wage, as long as it is not greater than the state's statutory weekly maximum. No employee can receive compensation that is higher than the weekly maximum, therefore those with a higher average weekly wage can be faced with a possibly drastic reduction in income. These maximum weekly compensation amounts often differ depending on the worker's location and local laws.

Supplemental Insurance

Many workers also purchase disability income insurance in order to further protect themselves in the event of a temporary loss of income due to a disabling injury. Individual insurance policies, group policies, social security and supplemental security income can all offer an added layer of financial protection for inured workers. Workers compensation settlements may have an impact on how much a person is paid through other forms of disability income insurance, and therefore it would be wise to seek legal help in this situation.

Other Considerations

Those who have been injured on the job and are unable to work still suffer financial strains, even with workers compensation coverage. Luckily, there is help. Those with outstanding loans or other financial obligations may be able to file a deferment request in order to defer their payments until they recover and are back on the job. Filing a deferment request gives injured workers a grace period and relieves some of the stress of having to keep up with financial obligations while facing a temporary reduction in income.

Getting Legal Help

An attorney with experience in workers compensation cases can help guide a person through the sometimes confusing details of workers compensation law. Anyone who has seen a reduction in payments or is experiencing financial difficulties as a result of a disabling work injury should seek legal counsel in order to ensure that all deserved benefits are being paid.

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