Dealing with a Workers Comp Insurance Adjuster

While an employee applies for claims related to workers’ compensation insurance, he will be questioned by supervisor, human resource representatives and insurance claims adjuster for workman’s compensation insurance. An employer has to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for providing benefits to his employees injured during work time. This insurance aims at assisting the injured workers with immediate relief on filing the compensation claim. You might be interrogated by repeated queries related to the same incident. You have to be prepared for dealing with the adjuster in order to start receiving the benefits as he/she will be the one who is ultimately accepting or denying your claims.

Explain the Incident

During interrogation, adjuster will ask you a lot of questions related to the injury. Repeatedly, you might be asked to explain the incidents surrounding the injury. The ultimate aim of the insurance adjuster is to check whether you are honest in your claims. So, prepare to recollect the incidents occurred during the injury and explain them in a chronological order without any confusion.

Support with Evidence

Gather all evidence and testimonials to support your claim for the injury. Remember that insurance adjuster actually works for the employer and hence he/she will always try to reduce the claim to a minimum amount. You need to have all medical reports, physicians report, witnesses and other documents ready in your hand to support the degree of your disability so that you can get benefits which your disability is worth of.

Average Weekly Wages

Insurance adjuster will calculate the benefits based on your average weekly wages. Hence, be clear with your average weekly wage payments and show pay slips, if required, to support your claim. Otherwise, adjuster might undervalue your weekly wages and you will end up getting less benefits.

Educate Yourself

You should have learnt or understood all your rights and privileges in the workers’ compensation so that you can make sure that all your rights are protected by the insurer. You should have clear idea regarding the entire range of financial and medical benefits applicable to your injury as insurance adjuster will never clearly explain all these things.

Finally never accept the denial of your insurance claims without consulting your attorney.

Getting Legal Advice

You might be in an embroiling situation where there will be disagreement and arguments among the insurer, adjuster and medical care providers. You need to understand the ways to deal with the insurance adjuster. Hence, it becomes essential to get legal advice and help from a workers’ compensation attorney in order to be in a win-win situation.

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