What is a Stipulation With Request For Award?

A stipulation with request for award has to do with workers compensation claims. In most claims, both parties need to come together to make a decision on the outcome of such claims. In many of those cases, this leads to long, legal battles, as both parties face what a judge determines to be the best outcome. This is not the case in situations where there is a stipulation with request for award.

Defining This Term

A stipulation with request for award is a specific type of settlement. In this type of settlement, both of the parties involved agree on the terms of the award. In addition to this, this type of award may have future medical treatments as part of it. The payments for the award may take place over a period of time. There are several things to know about this type of award:

  • This type of award is a set of agreements.
  • Individuals agree to the level of the permanent disability stated in the awards, based on the rating.
  • The individual agrees to the level of disability award payable based on the rating.
  • The individual agrees to the period that the funds will be owed to them, whether it is long term or temporary.
  • The individuals agree on whether or not there is a need for ongoing medical care.

In this particular stipulation, the individual can continue to work with the same employer after the workers compensation claim. It is the only type of stipulation in which this is possible to do. The stipulation with request for award is also the only type of stipulation in which the insurance carrier continues to hold responsibility for paying for any type of medical care on an ongoing basis. It is important that the doctor require this care when necessary.

With a stipulation with request for award, the situation allows for an individual to receive payments over a period of time until the full amount is settled. In this method, it is possible for the individual to reopen the case for additional claims for as long as five years from the date that the workers compensation injury occurred. This method of settling a claim, then is the ideal option for those who believe the condition may worsen over time.

Hire an Attorney

In any type of workers compensation claim situation, hire an attorney. The attorney will work to represent the individual in a court of law and ensure that the rights of that individual are maintained over a long period of time.

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