Difference Between Workers Compensation Attorneys and OSHA Attorneys

Attorneys working for disabled workers claiming benefits under the Workers Compensation Act are referred to as Workers Compensation Attorneys. Workers Compensation Act aims at providing financial assistance to workers who are disabled temporarily or permanently due to an injury in their work place.

OSHA is an acronym for the Occupational Safety and Health Act that aims to prevent job-related injuries, illnesses or death by implementing health and safety standards in work place. An OSHA attorney is one who defends the employer for complying with the OSHA standards. Read further to understand their differences.

Safety at Workplace

Maintaining safety levels at the workplace is very crucial, especially in the context of industries. As per the OSHA law, OSHA inspectors go for regular surveillance visits to industries to inspect the safety and health conditions prevailing in the work place. They thrive to regulate issues like fire protection and safety measures, other safety equipments, protective gears and access to safety measures or treatment during crisis. The company which violates the regulations given by this act is penalized and held responsible for providing a hostile work environment.

OSHA Attorneys

OSHA Attorneys work within the employment and labor law. They work for SOHA Appeals, regulations, litigation and petition for reconsideration on behalf of the employers who are found guilty of OSHA violations. Penalization by OSHA can spoil the reputation earned by the employer, thereby ruining their ability for new businesses and income. Hence, many employers employ OSHA defense or compliance attorneys on a yearly basis. Such attorneys conduct legal audits and provide consultation for the implementation of the safety standards in compliance to the OSHA regulations. Thus, OSHA attorneys provide Injury and death prevention strategies so that millions of dollars need not be paid as compensation to the disabled workers.

Workers Compensation Attorneys

In spite of the regulated safety standards in the industries, violations and many work-related injuries occur each and every day. Some of the injuries such as head injury, back injury, spinal cord injuries or burn injuries may be serious and may need months to rehabilitate. These workers compensation attorneys work hard to stand for getting justice to the injured employees. They file an appeal and argue cases with the employer so that injured and disabled workers are given the highest level of benefit according to the nature of the injury. Thus, the workers get compensation for their lost wages and medical expenses.

Consult an attorney to know more differences between these two attorneys as this information just provides an overview.

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