Accident At Work: AFLAC

For taking care of those who may be affected by accidents at work, majority of the States have placed in their statutes provisions to compensate such of those who may be affected by such accidents. The medical treatment compensatory clauses make them eligible for the reimbursement of medical costs as medical bills, prescriptions and at times the travel costs to the hospital and return. The limiting provision could be that they would have to undergo first the treatment with a company's doctor for the initial  30 days and should extended period of treatment and recuperation are  needed, based and backed by a written report, they would be entitled to outside treatment and expenses. These are normally covered under what is known as 'supplemental insurance'. Supplemental insurance products aim at relieving the financial distress of the policy holders arising out of injuries in the process of work and ill-health.

The best ever known name in the supplemental insurance is AFLAC. AFLAC was incorporated in 1973 in Georgia. Ever since inception, it has been focusing and marketing supplemental health and life insurance, policies. Besides all the States in the USA and District of Columbia, the company operates in Japan also. The supplemental insurance products covered by it are:

  • Accident/disability plans including short-term disability plans,
  • Sickness and hospital indemnity plans including hospital intensive care plans
  • Fixed-benefit dental and vision care plans
  • Cancer expense plans
  • Long-term care plans and life insurance products

AFLAC policies are available both for individuals and business establishments.

How AFLAC Policies Work

Whereas the major medical insurance players pay the doctors and hospitals, AFLAC pays cash benefits directly to the policyholders to cope up with their daily expenses arising out of disabilities due to injuries and or incapacitating health. Depending upon the nature of policies such payments also include mortgage utilities and child care. AFLAC is also better best known for its payroll deduction insurance coverage and by doing so it directly disburses cash benefits to the policyholders suffering an accident and or illness.

AFLAC lives true to its motto that 'We've Got You Under Our Wing' by protecting the policy-holders from the on slaughter of financially debilitating hurricanes that can hit individuals at any point of time, thus relieving them from stress and enabling to focus on recovery. For the last 55 years it has been doing so proving its insurability in the market and while proving to be commercially successful it has also shown that it is socially responsible too.

Seeking Legal Help

Seeking legal help is a logical step that is not only desirable but essential as the affected individuals would have to comply with complicated procedures even to determine the nature of disability that has been caused by the injury. State attorneys are better bet for such legal help as the provisions of the law vary from state to State. Above all the disclosure requirements are strict enough that non-compliance of even minor provisions would go against the interests of those workers if they have not sought timely legal help.

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