Vermont Workers Comp: Eligibility, Filing and Appeals

In Vermont, as with other states, Workers Compensation has been developed to provide protection and coverage for injuries and lost wages to employees that are hurt on the job. This can include diseases or health conditions that occur because of employment related issues. The fund in Vermont is not managed by the state but rather through specific insurance carriers. All employers are required to provide coverage for employees, although some waivers may be permitted under specific types of employment. Employers work through private insurance carriers or they are self-insured. Coverage will include medical bills, hospital stays and even chiropractic or psychological counselling under certain conditions.

Common Covered Work Related Injuries

Vermont provides some of the most comprehensive workers compensation coverage with no time or monetary limitations on payment and full medical benefits. Injuries or diseases that occur on the job or because of conditions on the job are eligible for claims. Employees that suffer disfigurement or other injuries not outlined within the workers compensation program will have their compensation determined through a review process. Typical injuries include any type of physical injury that occurs while considered at work, which can include travel to work or from under specific conditions.

Vermont Workers Compensation Claims

In Vermont, each insurance company that offers workers compensation policies has specialized insurance adjusters that process claims. Workers need to report injuries to their employer, who then have to report the injury to the Worker Compensation Division within a 72 hour timeframe. The insurance carrier is also notified and they have 21 days to investigate the claim and either accept or deny the claim.

Workers Compensation Claim Denials

Typically workers compensation claims are denied if documentation is not correctly processed or submitted or information is missing or inaccurate on the documents. In addition if the insurance adjuster denies the claim it may be due to talking to witnesses or examining the accident scene and medical evidence.

Appealing a Vermont Workers Compensation Denial

If the insurance adjuster denies the claim for compensation, workers can appeal to the Workers Compensation Division. Mediation may be used to attempt to resolve the issue, or a formal hearing can also occur. Hearings are formal and a decision is made on the claim by the Commissioner of Labor. From this decision further appeals to the Superior or Supreme Court of Vermont can occur. Collecting Vermont Workers Compensation Benefits

Collecting Vermont Workers Compensation Benefits

The compensation benefits offered in Vermont are capped at 66 and 2/3 of the total salary plus benefits for a period not to exceed 330 weeks from the date of the injury. Information from the doctor will be required to allow a return to work or to indicate that you are considered still unfit to return to work.

An attorney that is familiar with workers compensation issues in the state of Vermont is essential if the claim is denied or if there is a lower than expected settlement for the claim. Contacting an attorney early in the process is highly recommended to ensure there are no delays or complications with the case.

Vermont Workers Compensation Office Locations

Vermont Department of Labor
Division of Workers' Compensation and Safety
National Life Building
Drawer 20
Montpelier, Vermont 05620-3401

Office Of Workers' Compensation
128 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont 05633-3801

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