Appealing a Vermont Workers' Compensation Denial

Being denied a Vermont workers' compensation claim case means you are in for an uphill battle. A denial is issued when the board feels that the claimant didn't prove his case. Now the claimant has to move forward with an appeal to get the ruling overturned. Don't let the opportunity for an appeal slide by, especially if you received the injury on the job. Not being able to work and not receiving any income can cripple the household.

Understanding the Reasons for Denial

First, find out as much as you can about why your claim was denied. There are only a handful of reasons for why a denial might be issued in Vermont:

  • You were not an employee at the time of the accident.
  • The injury did not happen while you were on the job.
  • A pre-existing injury is confused with an on-the-job injury.
  • There was a failure to report the injury shortly after it happened.
  • You were goofing around or intoxicated while on the job.

If the reason denial is incorrect, then it's time to form an appeal. This is the point where legal assistance will be helpful.

Why Hiring a Lawyer in Vermont is a Good Idea

There is usually no need to hire a lawyer on the first go-round unless the case is unusually complex. Filing should be a clear and simple process if your case meets the standard guidelines. If your claim has been denied, however, legal assistance becomes invaluable.

Insurance companies do whatever they can do to avoid paying out money. If they can find any way to deny the claim, they will. An experienced workers' comp attorney working for you can ferret out the reasons for denial and prove that they're invalid. Hiring a lawyer to go up against the insurance company's lawyers will help you more in the long run than will trying to save money by tackling the case on your own.

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