What Are The Time Limits To File Workers Comp In Nevada?

Nevada’s workman’s compensation system, by law, is compulsory. This means that employers must willingly provide workers compensation insurance for all employees. This system does not allow for waivers of any kind, meaning that in Nevada no employee, no matter the occupation, is exempt from receiving workers compensation benefits. Employers do have the power of discretion in the decision to carry insurance through a private carrier or handle all insurance matters internally. So, if you live in Nevada and are hurt at work, you need to understand the time limits to file a workers comp claim in NV.

Nevada Worker's Compensation Timeline

In Nevada, you must file form C-1 to notify your employer of your injury. When the injury occurs, you should tell your employer immediately. If you do not notify your employer right away, you have a total of 7 days to let your employer know of the injury by filing your C-1 claim. Failure to tell your employer about your injury and file the right form can result in your claim being denied.

In almost all cases, worker’s compensation claims should thus be filed within 48 hours of either the injury or the initial treatment for the injury. However, special considerations are allowed in cases of the injured worker being incapacitated, such as:

  • If the injury results in the worker being put in a coma, either accident or treatment induced
  • Cases like serious burns, which require immediate attention or extensive surgery, or long-term treatment
  • If the worker is infected with an infectious or contagious illness, mandating that the injured worker be quarantined

An injured worker that has filed a claim for compensation within the amount of time required by each employer’s insurance company can expect to begin receiving benefit payments after an initial 5 day waiting period for temporary injuries. The employee must be released from work for a period of 5 days either consecutively or within a 20 day period (non-consecutively) in order to receive benefits.

Getting Help

The worker’s compensation process in the state of Nevada becomes a much easier one to manage when each of the state regulations and guidelines set by the insurance company are explained thoroughly and followed rigidly. If you live in Nevada, or have to file a worker compensation claim in Nevada, your best option, as always in legal matters, is to seek the advice of an experienced workers compensation attorney.

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