If I slipped and fell at work can I sue the company for my injury?


If I slipped and fell at work can I sue the company for my injury?


Many people who have slipped and fell at work feel as though their claims have not been taken seriously. Fortunately there is help from worker's compensation claims for those who have had injuries at work. Workers compensation claims do have their own drawbacks though. 

When you have a worker's compensation claim, there are certain rules that must be followed in order to have medical bills paid for. For instance, you must go to a doctor of the insurance company's (and often your employer's) choice. Also, the worker's compensation adjuster will pre-authorize treatment. This means, if they do not approve of a treatment plan, they will not pay for it, which can leave an injured worker stranded and still in pain. 

If an employee slipped and fell at work and there was negligence involved in the fall, the worker can actually file a lawsuit against their employer. Once the lawsuit has gone to trial or been settled they will receive compensation for their injury and the negligence involved. The problem with actually filing suit against an employer is that the employee will have either have had to leave their position or be placed on long term or permanent disability. Filing a lawsuit against an employer whom you continue to work for can have its own consequences, for instance, hostility in every day tasks. 

If you have slipped and fell at work and feel a lawsuit may be appropriate, it is important to contact a qualified attorney. An attorney will be able to assist you with the best case possible. 

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