Can I file a workers comp claim for back issues from stress and computer work?


Can I file a workers comp claim for back issues from stress and computer work?


If you are suffering from back pain that you feel is directly attributable to your repetitive work at your computer and stress on the job, you may possibly have a workers comp for back issues from stress.  

Consider the following factors in workman’s comp claims for back pain resulting from stress and such: 

  • The application of workman’s comp in your case will depend largely on the state’s statutes in this case, your employer’s standards, and the precedence of other, similar cases to yours.
  • To have the workman’s comp claim allowed, you must be able to clearly prove and effectively document that you have physical manifestations from your stress.  In this case, you must be able to prove that your back pain is measurable (you have a slipped disk, or some other source of quantifiable back pain), and that it can be associated with the repetitive work you were doing at your computer.  You will need to have ample doctor’s reports and also treatment records to help make your case with your employer.

You should probably begin by consulting with an attorney to understand your rights, and to see if you can get effective representation through what can be a difficult and complicated process.   

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