Will AFLAC cover my work related accident?


Will AFLAC cover my work related accident?


For those who have an accident at work, it may be possible to get supplement insurance coverage companies, such as Aflac to provide financial aid. In order for this to happen, several things must occur. First, you must have followed the terms of applying for and getting the supplemental insurance prior to actually being involved in an accident or illness. In other words, preexisting conditions are not covered by Aflac.

What You Should Know

In order for supplement insurance companies like this to provide you with benefits, it must be a type of injury that the company covers. The amount you will be paid also relies on the type of injury that you have. In many situations, it becomes necessary to read through the terms of your policy to understand any specific limitations. Keep the following in mind:

  • Determine if the accident at work is covered by workers compensation. In most cases, an accident occurring while you are on the job is covered by workers compensation. This means workers compensation will pay your medical bills and handle other lost wages.
  • Aflac does not pay medical bills. This type of insurance pays you so that you can cover your expenses. You decide where the funds are used.

There are some situations in which you may not be able to get Aflac coverage to pay out, especially if you are receiving full benefits under workers compensation benefits. However, read through the terms of your plan to know the details. You can also contact a worker’s compensation attorney to learn about the potential options.

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