When should I hire a lawyer to handle my workmans comp claim?


When should I hire a lawyer to handle my workmans comp claim?


Too many people wait to consult a lawyer until after their workers comp claim is denied, not realizing that hiring an attorney at the very beginning of the process can protect their interests and even increase the possibility of their claim not being denied.

Your employer and their workers compensation insurance provider will be quick to tell you that a lawyer is not necessary, that they can answer all of your questions or that you can contact your state workers compensation board for assistance. All of those things are true to a certain extent. However, keep these things in mind:

  • The insurance company represents your employer's best interests.
  • It is in your employer's best interest to keep claims to a minimum.
  • The state workers compensation board employees are supposed to be impartial.

Which means that no one is representing you. Now, if your claim is relatively minor and you only missed a few weeks of work and have every expectation that you will suffer no long lasting effects from the injury you might be just fine filing the claim on your own.

An attorney will help ensure your claim is filed in a timely manner and that you have all the necessary supporting evidence to prove your claim.

If your injury is more severe, or your claim is for an occupational illness, or you have other reasons to be concerned that your claim might be denied, contact a workers compensation attorney to help you with your claim preparation and submission. That way, should an appeal be needed you will already have an attorney who knows all about your case.

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