What can I do if my employer refuses to make a written notice of my injury for workers compensation in Florida?

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What can I do if my employer refuses to make a written notice of my injury for workers compensation in Florida?


While workers compensation insurance is in place to protect workers and their employers in the event of injury, some employers are lax about filing claims on behalf of their employees. When this is the case, an employee might see a delay in lost wage payments and even the ability to obtain medical coverage. Florida has made provisions for injured employees whose employers refuse to file for workers compensation on their behalf. In this case, filing workers compensation Florida claims will fall into the hands of the employee or the employee’s legal representative.

Florida law gives employers seven days from the date of the injury to file a Form DWC-1, or first report of injury form. If an employer does not do this, the employee can contact the carrier if the company is known. If not, the employee can contact the state’s Bureau of Compliance to determine the carrier the employer uses. At this point, the employee can report his or her injury directly to the insurance company in question. An employee should also be certain to report the work-related injury to the employer immediately.

Contact a lawyer immediately if there are problems filing workers compensation Florida claims. A Florida workers compensation attorney will be able to help you be certain a claim is properly filed and that coverage commences as it should. When an employer won’t file the paperwork, a lawyer can take measures to ensure you receive the coverage you are entitled to. It is imperative to contact a reputable lawyer when an employer refuses to act in good faith following a work-related accident or injury.

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