What determines what you are paid and how benefits are applied for workers compensation?


What determines what you are paid and how benefits are applied for workers compensation?


When you are seeking benefits applied for workers compensation, you should first realize that every claim is different and will grant different benefits. You will not be able to tell how much you might get based on how much someone else got. You have to look at the details of your own case.

Assuming you have an accepted claim for workers compensation benefits, in most cases you will receive two-thirds of your former wages. This may be paid until you are able to return to your previous position and full earnings. If this is not possible, then you may receive permanent total or permanent partial workers compensation. If you cannot return to work at all, then you may continue to receive the full payment. If you are partially disabled and can only return to work in a more limited capacity (with a position that pays less), then you may receive the difference between your old salary and your new one.  The money that you will receive will depend on the nature and extent of your injuries.

You may also receive money and have benefits applied workers compensation for any medical expenses you incurred as a direct result of you injury. You may or may not be able to choose your own medical care provider depending on your situation, or you may have to go with one approved by the company you work for. You may also need vocational rehabilitation to learn to do a new job if you cannot return to your old one.  These matters are extremely complicated, so contact a lawyer to find out what you are entitled to. A workers compensation lawyer will be able to explain how all the complicated rules surrounding workers compensation apply to you.

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